#Tuning system viewer

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Since maintaining spreadsheets in different languages is quite time-consuming, only the English version will be kept up to date. Version v1.0 only is available in French.

This spreadsheet provides a way of visualizing the harmonic properties of a given keyboard tuning (sometimes abusively called temperament) by showing the size and justness of several interval classes for each tonality. The use of colors according to the justness of each interval allows for a quick understanding of a tuning’s properties. This file is provided with a few example tunings; more can be added by the user. Tunings for keyboards with a number of keys per octave other than 12 are also supported. Non-octave-repeating scales are not supported.

Software compatibility

This file was made using LibreOffice. It has not been tested on OpenOffice and might or might not work as expected on this software. Exporting this spreadsheet to Microsoft Excel format (.xls or .xlsx) and opening it with Microsoft Excel does not work. Opening the .ods file directly using a recent version of Microsoft Excel which supports the Open Document format has not been tested.

Screenshot — Kirnberger III temperament (1779)